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Open Science Framework - Update a contributor

Updates a contributor by setting the values of the attributes specified in the request body. Any unspecified attributes will be left unchanged. Contributors can be updated with either a **PUT** or **PATCH** request. Since this endpoint has no mandatory attributes, PUT and PATCH are functionally the same. #### Permissions Only project administrators can update the contributors on a node. #### Returns Returns a JSON object with a `data` key containing the new representation of the updated contributor, if the request is successful. If the request is unsuccessful, an `errors` key containing information about the failure will be returned. Refer to the [list of error codes](#Introduction_error_codes) to understand why this request may have failed. If the given user is not already in the contributor list, a 404 Not Found error will be returned. A node must always have at least one admin, and any attempt to downgrade the permissions of a sole admin will result in a 400 Bad Request error.

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API Description


Open Science Framework


OSF provides free and open source project management support for researchers across the entire research lifecycle. As a collaboration tool, OSF helps researchers work on projects privately with a limited number of collaborators and make parts of their projects public, or make all the project publicly accessible for broader dissemination. As a workflow system, OSF enables connections to the many services researchers already use to streamline their process and increase efficiency. As a flexible repository, it can store and archive research data, protocols, and materials.

Curl command through

curl -v "{node_id}/contributors/{user_id}/?X-Sd-Token={streamdata_token}"

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